Junwen Chen

Robert C. Anderson Memorial Award 2012

Junwen Chen, a recent doctoral graduate in management information systems, investigates the role of mobile devices in blurring the temporal and geographic boundaries between work and personal life domains. Her work examines the ways in which mobile technology is both beneficial and deleterious. More specifically, she examines how interruptions through mobile devices lead to positive and negative performance consequences in both work and personal life and how coping strategies may mitigate these consequences. Chen’s research aims to inform practice through organizational interventions and design guidelines for device-automated coping strategies that will provide users with more control and reduce unwanted interruptions. Chen has also been actively conducting research on green information systems to explore how information systems can be used to mitigate environmental degradation. Her research has been published in top journals and presented at prestigious conferences. She has co-authored 13 journal articles. Chen is currently assistant professor at Nanyang Technological University.