Jieun Lee

Robert C. Anderson Memorial Award 2019

Jieun Lee completed a Ph.D. in theatre and performance studies and a graduate certificate in women’s studies in spring 2018 and is now assistant professor in the Department of Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies at Wake Forest University. In her dissertation she argues that the performances of the Korean diaspora are a site of liminality that not only transgresses the demarcations of ethnic and national belonging, but also transforms the politics of race, class, gender and sexuality within and beyond 21st century North America. Lee analyzes dramatic representations of the Korean diasporic family, the subversive performances of Korean diasporic women artists, and autobiographical solo performances by Korean adoptees in the United States. Her dissertation’s scope will provide a valuable resource for future scholarship in theater and performance history, women’s studies and Asian/American studies, as well as further transnational and postcolonial feminist theories.