Ana M. Gutiérrez-Colina

Robert C. Anderson Memorial Award 2019

Ana M. Gutiérrez-Colina, a recent graduate student in the Department of Psychology and current postdoctoral fellow at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, investigates cross-cutting issues relevant to multiple pediatric populations. Her work examines adherence to prescribed medication regimes, quality of life, cognitive and psychosocial function, and medical outcomes. She has pursued novel research ideas with direct clinical implications and has demonstrated sophistication in study conceptualization, design and data analysis. Gutiérrez-Colina is currently working on research that could elucidate how the presence of abnormal resting-state neural networks may be one of the mechanistic drivers underlying disruptions in executive functioning in youth with epilepsy. This work seeks to enhance the development of intervention efforts targeting neurocognitive vulnerabilities in children with epilepsy. She has also employed innovative statistical approaches to examine unanswered questions about barriers to medication adherence.