Brittney S. Harris

Robert C. Anderson Memorial Award 2020

Brittney S. Harris, an MFA graduate of the Department of Theatre and Film Studies, is a visiting assistant professor of theatre at Old Dominion University. Her research assesses the psychological effects of violence in the media on the millennial African American community and the performance of redemption. In her disciplines of solo performance, race performance and theatre for the oppressed, she examines the concept of “race” as a celebration of self, culture and artistic expression. She explores how performing arts can point out attitudes and societal mindsets, and can be used to engage audiences and help them reflect on current conditions and potential for change. As a teacher, she is inventive and intuitive with a knowledge of and passion for the arts. She is noted for her organizational abilities, collaborative skills and core leadership values in expanding community service through the arts and her diversity outreach to young people of color.