UGA Citrus Cultivars Licensed for the First Time

October 27, 2017

Three new cold-tolerant citrus cultivars developed by Wayne Hanna, a professor in the department of crop and soil sciences in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, have been exclusively licensed to a South Georgia nursery, 1 DOG Ventures, LLC. These include the first citrus cultivars released by UGA.

Pink Frost™ grapefruit is similar to grapefruit sold in grocery stores but can be grown in southern Georgia, outside of the traditional citrus growing areas. Data and observations indicate that Pink Frost™ is cold-hardy as far north as Tifton, Ga.

Sweet Frost™ tangerine is a new cold-tolerant citrus cultivar that originates from an old Chinese cultivar that has been grown by amateur citrus growers for more than 75 years across the southern half of the U.S. Coastal Plain. Like the Chinese cultivar, Sweet Frost™ is cold-hardy in Georgia, but it produces significantly fewer seeds, a characteristic preferred by home gardeners.

Grand Frost™ lemon, which also originates from a Chinese cultivar, produces large, juicy fruit and has been grown by backyard citrus growers since the 1930s. Grand Frost™ has significantly fewer seeds than the Chinese cultivar, and also is able to survive cold winters in South Georgia.

“These new citrus cultivars make it possible for homeowners up to USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 8b to reliably grow a desirable tangerine, lemon, and grapefruit in their backyard,” said Wayne Hanna.

“1 DOG Ventures, LLC is excited about the opportunity to propagate these UGA cultivars and to see the impact they will have on the blossoming citrus industry in Georgia,” said Lindy Savelle, CEO of 1 DOG Ventures, LLC. “Trees will be available for planting in the spring of 2018.”

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