Portfolio of UGA Startups

The Innovation Gateway incubator is intended for startup or early-stage companies that are involved in the research and development of new products and services.

Companies must have established research relationships with University of Georgia researchers, or they must have an interest in initiating those relationships. Priority consideration will be given to those companies who have a technology licensing agreement with the University of Georgia Research Foundation.

These companies meet Innovation Gateway admission criteria: industry application, market opportunity, financial status, management experience, intellectual property, relationship to UGA and job creation.

CompanyCEO or Company RepresentativeDescription
ArunA BiomedicalSteve SticeCommercializing products and services derived from or related to human stem cells.
BioteceraYajun YanBiotecEra is manufacturing specialty chemicals and nutritional supplements such as the anti-depressant, 5-HTP using modern biotechnological techniques.
GlycoscientificRon OrlandoCommercializing reagents for mass spec-based carbohydrate analysis.
Lectenz BioLori YangLectenz Bio is developing novel products that employ patent pending Lectenz® reagents and GlycoSense™ technology, to speed up and simplify the detection and discovery of disease biomarkers. These products enable targeting glycan biomarkers of clinical significance for investigation and leveraging them for advancing human health.
DaniMer ScientificJoe GrubbsCommercializing sustainable, renewable bioplastic technologies for global customers.
Molecular TherapeuticsBran RitchieManufacturing Silvion® and Silvaklenz®, solutions proven to kill most pathogenic bacteria.
MuniRem (formerly Planteco)Valentine NzengungProvides a range of environmental remediation services and sustainable green technologies.
CyanVacBiao HeA vaccine development company advancing the use of ParaInfluenza 5 (PIV-5) as a vaccine platform for the prevention of both animal and human infectious diseases.
PathensFred QuinnCommercializing discoveries made in the field of vaccination, including a cold-adapted bacterium that can provide a platform technology for the production of a wide range of vaccines or vaccine vectors.
CandidusErico MattosReducing production costs for greenhouse growers by helping them implement more cost-effective supplemental lighting strategies.
Reprotox BiotechXiaozhong (John) YuDeveloping in vitro mini testis for the performance of toxicity testing on reproductive tissue.
SwissaustralIvana Gelineo-AlbersheimProduces novel enzymes derived from extremophilic microorganisms that are more stable and effective than alternatives when used in challenging industrial settings.
ViamuneAlex HarveyViaMune is a preclinical-stage company with a proprietary immunotherapy platform that enables precise targeting of tumor associated glycopeptides.
ViCapsysSuren ChavanDeveloping a cure for insulin dependent diabetes. ViCapsys' lead clinical candidate has demonstrated efficacy mitigating immune response and foreign body recognition, rendering encapsulated islet transplantation a viable solution.

Although affiliate companies do not meet residency criteria, they have a substantive relationship to UGA through intellectual property, sponsored research, and faculty participation.

ARChemTom StriblingCommercializing software that provides a rapid and accurate physicochemical property calculator to the chemical and pharmaceutical market.
Boehringer IngelheimCarsten HellmannCommercializing animal pharmaceutical products, vaccines and services for health and well-being of companion animals (dogs, cats and horses), production animals (cattle, poultry, swine), and wildlife. Global operations include facilities located at UGA, which develop collaborative opportunities with UGA scientists.
Millennium CryogenicsPaul MontelloProvides low-temperature backup and archiving services to academic, corporate and government research laboratories.
NueMDMassoud AlibakhshProvides health IT tools for the efficient management of physician practices.
Proventus BioStephen BellProventus Bio is a recently formed biotechnology company focused on enhancing bioproduction through genetic engineering of vaccine and biotherapeutic cell lines.
ViacyteAllan RobinsA regenerative medicine company commercializing cell therapies to treat diabetes. Headquartered in San Diego.
WeRecycleJenna JambeckProvides a platform to facilitate communication about waste between citizens and their community through a community-built map of outdoor and event trash cans and recycle bins and a mobile app.

Companies are eligible for graduation from Innovation Gateway when established revenue, financing, management, facilities or production milestones are achieved.

AbeomeRichard ShimketsDeveloping a technology that greatly enhances the speed and efficiency of monoclonal antibody discovery and production.
AlgixMike Van DrunenDeveloping algal bioplastics using a protein-based thermomechanical approach. These protein based bioplastics exhibit superior biodegradability to existing bioplastics.
ApgenDavid GlassApplied PhytoGenetics, Inc. utilizes plants, trees and grasses to remove or degrade hazardous materials from the environment through phytoremediation.
Bacterial BarcodesAcquired by BioMérieux (2006)Commercializes DiversiLab, a patented system of automated microbial genotyping offering solutions to track hospital-acquired infections.
BioInquireAquired by NuSep (2010)Develops software solutions for proteomic data-mining applications.
Body Surface TranslationsGregg BeVierDeveloping a handheld device capable of remotely and accurately assessing the weight of an animal. Currently marketed to pork producers.
IS3DTom RobertsonDevelops inquiry-based 3-D educational materials that increase high school student performance and interest in science and technology.
P3 LaboratoriesJeffrey H. PingProvides consulting, development, production, and post-marketing technical support to the pharmaceutical industry for the development of niche products.
rPeptide: Recombinant Peptide Technologies, LLCNeelam DattaProvides a range of research products and services, with a focus on products for Alzheimer's and Parkinson's research. Their beta amyloids, synucleins and taus are produced recombinantly, ensuring a high degree of batch-to-batch reproducibility.
Synageva BiopharmaDiscovers, develops and delivers medicines for patients with rare disease and high unmet medical need.
ViaGenAcquired by ProLinia (2003)Identifies economically important genetic traits in any animal species and applies them to commercial breeding operations.
Vitamin DerivativesHardy EdwardsManufactures 1-OH-Vitamin D3 for the global poultry industry. This particular D3 derivative is the most bioactive on the market, preventing fibial dyschoncroplasia.