Quick Guide to IP and Commercialization

Timing of publications and other public disclosures can have a significant impact on the ability to patent your invention.

  • Contact Innovation Gateway BEFORE publicly disclosing the possible invention
  • Posters, published abstracts and oral presentations are types of public disclosures
  • Once an invention is described publicly without a patent application filed, all foreign patent rights are lost
  • U.S. patent rights are available for another 12 months SO LONG AS no one else invents the same thing and files for patent protection before you do

An invention disclosure made to the Innovation Gateway office is easy.

  • Easy online submission process
  • Disclose written descriptions of inventions, including research tools
  • Attach manuscripts or other prepared reports on the invention to the disclosure record
  • Provide data, funding sources, other inventors
  • Recommended next steps within six weeks after the disclosure is received and the technology is reviewed for patentability and commercial desirability
  • Requirement of UGA’s Intellectual Property Policy that researchers disclose inventions

Inventors are people who make a creative contribution to the invention’s concept.

  • Other researchers may be authors on a manuscript but not an inventor
  • Researchers who carry out work under the direction of someone else may not be an inventor
  • Ultimately, inventorship is a legal determination

Transfer of Materials and Confidential Information requires an agreement, which is easy to request.

Licensing revenue from the commercialization of inventions or research tools are distributed according to UGA’s Intellectual Property Policy.
After legal costs have been reimbursed:

  • First $10,000 to the inventor(s)
  • Then 25% to the inventor(s)
  • 10% to the inventor’s research program
  • 10% to the inventor’s department / unit
  • 55% to UGARF*

More information found here.

Innovation Gateway can help you with a start-up company, created around your invention.

  • Provide advice on creating a company and determining commercial desirability of the potential product
  • Negotiate license to the invention with the start-up
  • Make connections with business and legal expertise and fundraising options
  • Provide physical incubator space on UGA campus, or assist in locating other available facilities for the start-up company

* UGARF: UGA Research Foundation owns intellectual property developed by UGA employees. Innovation Gateway is the commercialization arm, working to protect and license UGARF’s intellectual property portfolio.

It’s easy to get more information on Innovation Gateway, what we do, and how we can help you as a researcher at UGA. Contact us for more information.