Susan Rosenbaum

Creative Research Medal

Photograph of Susan Rosenbaum

Susan Rosenbaum, associate professor in the Department of English, collaborated with colleagues at Davidson College and Duquesne University in a field-changing digital humanities project, Mina Loy: Navigating the Avant-Garde. The project, which has brought Mina Loy from the margins of modernist studies into the spotlight, is a scholarly contribution of various approaches, depending on which parts of the website you visit. The website offers a scholarly guide to Loy’s career including close readings of her writing, designs, and visual art; edited biographies of Loy and her cohort; a venue for student scholarship featuring digital humanities tools; and an intensive immersion in Loy’s style, writing, life, and travels. The site is playful and experimental, even as it rises to a high degree of scholarly integrity. Combining archival research and creative activity and linking elements of avant-garde design to original scholarship, this initiative has sparked greater interest in modernist women writers and paved a new path for research.