Aaron Mitchell

Distinguished Research Professor 2024

Photograph of aron mitchell

Aaron Mitchell, professor and head of the Department of Microbiology, is a world leader in the genetics, molecular biology, and virulence mechanisms of pathogenic fungi— particularly Candida albicans, the most prevalent fungal pathogen in humans. Contributing to a greater understanding of biology and infectious diseases, he has enabled modern molecular biological studies of C. albicans, using genetic and genomic tools to explore fungal pathogenesis and drug resistance. His discoveries include a greater understanding of the genetic basis for biofilm formation, which can render microbial pathogens resistant to antimicrobial agents and even physical removal. These advances on fungal biofilms are paradigm shifting. His group’s recent research, drawing on advances in omics, reveals natural variations in the genetic regulation of biofilms and the core network that might be targeted for antifungal therapy. He advances these fields of inquiry by generously sharing his knowledge and research materials with the scientific community and the next generation of researchers.