Mark Risse

Team Impact Award 2022

Mark Risse is director of Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant and is the Georgia Power Professor of Water Policy at UGA. With a Ph.D. in biological and agricultural engineering, his expertise is in non-point source pollution management, water resources, stormwater management, coastal erosion processes and sustainable/resilient development. He has been central to the NSF proposal to establish an NSF Engineering Research Center for Sustainably Engineered Riverine-Coastal Systems at UGA. He also has been critical to developing the team’s relationship with a regional land conservation initiative led by the U.S. Department of Defense and state natural resources management agencies, setting the stage for eventual funding of a DoD-Sea Grant Liaison at UGA. Risse’s relationship-building efforts have also informed the team’s development of the NSF’s coastlines and people proposal to develop a resilience hub using the military-community interface as study areas. He was a key partner on the AT&T resilience grant.