Emilie Phillips Smith

Emilie Smith outside Dawson HallWilliam A. Owens Creative Research Award 2019

Emilie Phillips Smith, professor and former department head of Human Development and Family Science, studies the role of sociocultural variables in child and family development. She engages children and families of diverse racial-ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds in rigorously tested approaches to reduce youth hyperactivity and problem behavior and promote positive identity and development. Smith’s work deploys rigorous cluster randomized trials integrating multi-method approaches to examine the effects of evidence-based practices on children, their caregivers and care settings. This applied research has demonstrated positive effects not only on individual youth, but also on violence, aggression and victimization across multiple schools, locales and universities. A pioneer in implementation science, she is advancing the use of connected technologies and telehealth in building capacity for fostering effective practices. Her studies are interdisciplinary, highly original and influential, involving collaborations with colleagues and community stakeholders and providing unique research opportunities for students.