Joseph Kindler

Graduate Student Excellence-in-Research Awards 2018

Joseph Kindler, a recent doctoral graduate in foods and nutrition, has created a body of work that is already influencing the field of nutrition and bone health on an international scale, publishing as the lead or co-author on nine peer-reviewed publications. His innovative research suggests that obesity and Type 2 diabetes progression in childhood might adversely influence bone health. His most recent manuscript published in Calcified Tissues International demonstrated in a case-control design that obese adolescents have inferior bone strength compared to non-obese adolescents, challenging the common belief that obesity is protective of bone. Kindler has developed sophisticated skills in numerous laboratory techniques, including bone and body composition imaging, cardiovascular health assessment and structural equation modeling statistical techniques. He is now a postdoctoral trainee at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.