Daniel Nakano


Creative Research Award 2016

Daniel Nakano, Distinguished Research Professor of Mathematics, is renowned for his contributions to representation theory, which includes the study of Lie algebras, algebraic groups and quantum groups. This important branch of mathematics impacts many fields, including chemistry and physics, as it originated from attempts to understand symmetry in nature. In representation theory, an abstract algebraic entity is realized as matrices of numbers. Nakano’s research provides important fundamental advances, and he has a history of groundbreaking results through the creation of new approaches or solutions.  His expertise and leadership was critically important to the success of UGA’s National Science Foundation Vertical Integration of Research and Education in Mathematics Program, which was designed by the NSF to better integrate research into the mathematics curriculum at all levels. Nakano’s work has garnered international recognition and has contributed to making UGA a center of mathematics research in representation theory.

Previous awards
Distinguished Research Professor 2010
Creative Research Medal 2007

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