Phaedra Corso

CreaPhaedra Corsotive Research MedalĀ 2014

Phaedra Corso, professor of health policy and management, has been a pioneer in the application of economic evaluation methods to inform policy making in public health. Economic evaluation refers to applied analytic tools used to systematically assess the impact of policies, programs and practices on costs and health outcomes. Increasingly, governmental funding sources require, in addition to efficacy and effectiveness data, economic evaluations of programs to justify allocation of resources to providers. Despite their value, the field of public health is in the nascent stages of fully incorporating economic evaluations into their mainstream research. Corso has helped to remedy this neglect by developing fundamental primers on how to conduct economic evaluations, leading national and international trainings on economic evaluation and applying the tools of economic evaluation to public health interventions in the state and across the country. She is expanding her application of economic evaluation to new areas of public health that impact vulnerable populations, including substance abuse and obesity.