David Starkweather

David StarkweatherCreative Research Medal 2010

David Starkweather, professor of music, produced one of the most comprehensive explorations of the Six Suites for Violoncello by J.S. Bach ever published. He combined his scholarship and technical exper- tise to produce a print edition as well as a three-DVD set. Starkweather edited all of the audio and video, producing DVD-ready masters for his publisher, Lorenz Music. The DVD format allowed him to combine the score with the performance, and using the DVD angle button, viewers can move seamlessly between the score and manuscripts. These manuscripts are the contemporaneous copies made by Anna Magdalena Bach and Johann Kellner, as the autograph manuscript in Johann Sebastian Bach’s hand is lost. The set also includes two slideshow style lectures entitled “Disagree- ment of Sources” and “Comparison of Copyists Accuracy,” discussing deci- sions regarding bowings and notes. This unique use of the DVD medium provides an easy method for students or professional cellists to compare the relevant passages of the different versions of the musical texts in real time. Starkweather’s lectures point out the many textual divergences that might otherwise escape notice. The result is a highly original contribution for both professionals and students that are relevant not only to cellists but perform- ers of the violin, viola, keyboard and wind instruments. His work furthers our understanding of Bach and performance for all musicians.