Edward Halper

Edward HalperDistinguished Research Professor 2012

Edward Halper, professor of philosophy, has contributed significantly to ancient philosophy and to other areas of philosophy. He is highly regarded as a specialist in Aristotle, especially the Metaphysics. Although this Aristotelian work has been widely and intensely studied for more than two millennia, Halper developed a uniquely illuminating approach that he applied in detail in three lengthy volumes. Besides these books, Halper has written another book, a textbook (now in press), and some 50 papers in journals and books. Many of these papers are on the philosophy of Hegel and modern philosophers such as Kant, Spinoza and Nietzsche. A third specialty for Halper is medieval philosophy and philosophy of religion: he has written on Maimonides and spoken at international conferences. Altogether, Halper has presented over 100 different papers at various conferences. He is currently the president of the Metaphysical Society of America.