Sidney Kushner

Lamar Dodd Award 2013

Sidney Kushner

Sidney Kushner, Distinguished Research Professor of genetics, has established himself as a world-class bacterial geneticist whose research has had a major impact on a variety of important fields. In his early work, Kushner identified the genetic switch that controls two distinct pathways by which E. coli is able to repair DNA damaged by UV irradiation. Later, his laboratory was the first to express a eukaryotic gene in E. coli. Subsequently, his laboratory developed important new tools that helped promote rapid advances in gene cloning technology. However, he is perhaps most celebrated for his discoveries relating to the importance of messenger RNA (mRNA) turnover in the control of gene expression. His groundbreaking studies have led to major new insights into the biochemistry and biology of the enzymes that have now emerged as central players in many RNA regulatory systems in a variety of organisms.

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Distinguished Research Professor 2008