Andrew H. Paterson

Lamar Dodd Award 2009

Andrew H. Paterson

Andrew H. Paterson, professor of crop and soil sciences, plant biology and genetics, and Distinguished Research Professor and Director of the Plant Genome Mapping Laboratory, is a world leader in the mapping and sequencing of flowering-plant genomes. His work has yielded greater understanding of flowering plants’ common ancestors and also of the evolutionary paths leading to present-day plants that provide food, feed, fiber, and fuel. Paterson pioneered molecular mapping methods that have been adopted across the life sciences, and he developed broadly applicable techniques for identifying and characterizing genetic variations in natural populations—such as the differences between elite crop varieties and “also-rans.” He recently led an international collaboration that completed the sequencing and analysis of the sorghum genome, only the second cereal genome to be sequenced, and he currently leads another international group in sequencing cotton. He was recently elected an AAAS Fellow.

Previous Award

Distinguished Research Professor 2002