Jared S. Klein

Jared S. KleinDistinguished Research Professor 2002

Jared S. Klein, Professor of Linguistics, Classics, and Germanic and Slavic Languages, is one of the world’s leading experts on comparative Indo-European linguistics. His research focuses primarily on the syntax of Proto-Indo-European, the original language from which such languages as Greek, Latin, English, Russian, and Sanskrit arose. Dr. Klein’s research emphasis on the Rigveda, the most ancient Indian literary work, has generated both national and international acclaim. His research interests also include the comparative syntax of the Gothic, Classical Armenian, and Greek versions of the New Testament Gospels. The volume and quality of his research output is notable as well; he has published five books, 30 articles, and 57 book reviews, many of which appear in eminent journals. Dr. Klein’s work is methodically laying the groundwork for an eventual reconstruction of the discourse structure of Proto-Indo-European.