David P. Landau

Lamar Dodd Award 2003

David P. Landau

David P. Landau, distinguished research professor and director of the Center for Simulational Physics, received the Lamar Dodd Award. Landau uses supercomputer simulations to study how solids and liquids behave at atomic levels. His research on the behavior of magnets has applications for semiconductors and other thin film devices. Landau’s group discovered fatal flaws in random number generators used for supercomputer simulations and devised ways to fix the problems, an achievement reported in The New York Times. Co-editor of 17 books on computer simulations, Landau recently received the Aneesur Rahman Prize, the highest honor for outstanding computational physics given by the American Physical Society. His scientific papers have been cited more than 6,000 times.

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Distinguished Research Professor 1984