Much scientific research is performed using various glassware like flasks, test tubes and beakers. The University of Georgia Scientific Glass Blowing Shop serves as a resource to faculty and students who need to create and repair their tools.

The shop, established in 1960 and located in the Chemistry Building, offers a variety of distinctive tools and materials to produce high-quality glassware, as demonstrated in this video feature. It even offers a class in glass blowing tailored to chemistry majors during the spring semester, with additional workshop opportunities available upon request.

The shop can also install, repair or modify vacuum line systems for on-campus labs.

Annalee Pickett, shop manager and president of the American Scientific Glassblowers Society since June, is a seasoned professional with expertise in crafting premium glassware for research. Pickett earned her associate degree in scientific glass technology in 2011, honing her skills at two shops in Colorado.

She joined UGA’s shop in December 2020.

“Glass is one of the greatest achievements of the ancient world,” Pickett said. “More than any other material, it has shaped humanity into what we are today.”