The University of Georgia Plant Center is a collection of faculty and scientists from across multiple campuses who share common interests in plant science. From basic science in plant biology and genomics to highly applied projects in genetics and plant breeding, researchers run the gamut of plant-based research.

More than 60 faculty are affiliated with the center, hailing from seven departments across four colleges and schools and three separate campuses in Athens, Tifton, and Griffin. Fueled by $26.8 million in sponsored awards in fiscal year 2023, researchers are making enormous impact in their fields, contributing research like cutting-edge technologies that enable researchers to reengineer poplar trees for alternatives to petroleum-based products.

Through an annual retreat that improves collaboration across various departments, an integrated plant science graduate curriculum that allows first-year graduate students to gain broad exposure to plant research, and teams focused on translating research into new products, the Plant Center has become integral to university and state success.

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