University of Georgia


The data collection trip served as a milestone initial effort of the International Collaborative Agreement between UGA and ESPOCH. This landmark agreement focusing on Convergent Mountain Science was spearheaded by UGA Professor Fausto Sarmiento (second from left) and ESPOCH Professor Renato Chávez (third from left). UGA Professors David Porinchu (far right) and David Leigh (far left) led this initial investigation.
Unobstructed views of Volcán Chimborazo, a symbol of Ecuadorian pride, are available throughout ESPOCH’s campus. Although Chimborazo has been inactive for about 1,500 years, this part of Ecuador is home to many other active volcanoes, including nearby Tungurahua and Sangay. These regional volcanoes augment paleoenvironmental reconstructions; unique geochemical compositions from dated eruption events can be identified within sedimentary records.
Team members inflate rafts and organize coring equipment on the shore of Laguna Kuyuk. One raft is used to anchor and stretch perpendicular ropes to secure the platform, which is suspended across two rafts.