Jamie Kreiner

University of Georgia researcher Jamie KreinerMichael F. Adams Early Career Scholar Award 2017

Jamie Kreiner, assistant professor of history, is an accomplished historian of the early Middle Ages. Her research focuses on the mechanics of culture, including how medieval communities thought that knowledge and commitments were communicated, adopted and affected by other forms of power. Kreiner’s first book, The Social Life of Hagiography, was published in 2014 by Cambridge University Press, the most distinguished press in medieval European history. The book introduces a new way to read a 2,000-year-old literary genre, reshapes our understanding of society in medieval Europe, and shines fresh light on the development of law, finance and ethics in Europe, exposing the very foundations of Europe’s intellectual inheritance. Kreiner has already established an international reputation, and her scholarship has been praised as “pathbreaking” by noted European and American historians for its inspired use of anthropology, narratology and cognitive science to draw new insights from old sources.