Biao He

University of Georgia researcher Biao HeInventor of the Year Award

Biao He, Georgia Research Alliance Distinguished Investigator and Fred C. Davison Distinguished University Chair in Veterinary Medicine, focuses on defining viral pathogenesis at the molecular level and investigates how viral proteins can overcome host defense. He has filed eight invention disclosures, ranging from a parainfluenza virus (PIV5) vaccine platform system to a novel mumps vaccine to a method of inducing innate immunity, leading to one issued U.S. patent, four pending U.S. patents and over a dozen pending foreign patent applications. He collaborates with researchers across UGA on a variety of projects including examining the efficacy of the PIV5 platform as a vaccine vector against a spectrum of viral and other disease agents including HIV, influenza, tuberculosis and malaria, and as a novel anti-cancer therapy. The PIV5 vaccine platform system has been licensed or optioned to several major pharmaceutical companies for product development. He also is exploring commercial development of his inventions through two startup companies: CyanVac, a GRA Venture-funded company, and Wuhan Saitekang.