Huimin Cheng

Robert C. Anderson Memorial Award

Photograph of Huimin heng

Huimin Cheng, assistant professor of biostatistics at Boston University, has established an early-career record of high-impact research at the intersection of network science, machine learning, and biomedicine, firmly establishing her potential to become an esteemed scholar. She works closely with biophysicists, engineers, computer scientists, political scientists, public health scientists, and sociologists to solve practical problems and guide scientific development. She has created new methods for network data analysis, a burgeoning area given the proliferation of relational datasets in the scientific community. Cheng’s groundbreaking methods for statistical network modeling cater to the domain’s pressing theoretical and computational needs. She has built collaborations within Boston University, developing novel machine learning methods to accelerate ultrafast spectroscopy experiments, as well as network-transfer-learning methods to enhance data integration and analysis.