Lin Mu

Fred C. Davison Early Career Scholar Award

Photograph of Lin Mu

Lin Mu, assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics, has emerged as one of the most successful applied mathematicians of her generation. She has already published 77 research papers in reputable journals of computational and applied mathematics with 2,273 Google citations and 1,254 MathSciNet citations (third highest in the department). Mu’s research has shown both depth and breadth and already has had a profound impact both within and beyond the computational mathematics community, underpinning many models in sciences and engineering. She has made significant progress in several different areas of mathematics, including finite element methods, optimal control, a posteriori methods, multiscale modeling, domain decomposition methods, uncertainty quantification and model reduction methods. These areas use different toolsets, and learning a new area takes time and dedication, but she has had outstanding results in each one. Her international stature is further shown by her numerous invitations to deliver lectures at prestigious universities in both the US and China.