Michael H. Kernis

Creative Research MedalĀ 2001

Michael H. Kernis has been at the forefront in demonstrating the existence of individual differences in self-esteem stability by designing and implementing a valid procedure to capture them. His theoretical and empirical work has been instrumental in advancing our understanding of the role of self-esteem in psychological functioning and well-being. As a result of his efforts, it is now generally recognized that achieving this understanding will be greatly facilitated by taking into consideration self-esteem stability as well as self-esteem level. This research has many important educational and therapeutic implications. Dr. Kernis’ research had direct implications for the diagnosis and treatment of depression and related emotion disorders, behavior disorders among children and adolescents (e.g. temper tantrums, oppositional behavior, aggression) and academic underachievement (e.g. procrastination and other self-defeating patterns).