Andrew Herod

Andrew HerodDistinguished Research Professor 2011

Andrew Herod, professor of geography, seeks to understand how economies function as geographical entities. He is internationally recognized as one of the most important scholars writing on the global economy and processes of globalization.

Herod is perhaps best-known for his work on “labor geography,” a field he essentially created in the 1990s that looks at the geographical organization of work and employment. Herod investigates workers’ economic and political behavior and how that behavior, in turn, shapes organizations’ economic evolution.

Herod has written three research monographs, edited or co-edited five other books, and published some 70 refereed journal articles and book chapters. His work’s impact has been wide-reaching and has shaped conceptual developments in geography but also in industrial relations, labor history, and sociology, among other fields. His work is the focus of an entire chapter in the standard undergraduate economic geography textbook. He is also the subject of a biography, which appeared in the bookSocial Geographies: From Difference to Action, by Ruth Panelli (Sage, 2004).

Previous Awards

  • William A. Owens Award 2009
  • Creative Research Medal 2001