Lillian Eby

Lillian EbyWilliam A. Owens Award 2013

Lillian Eby, professor of psychology, is a pioneer in the field of industrial and organizational psychology who has contributed significantly to the study of career-related issues. Much of Eby’s research explores the efficacy of mentoring relationships, experiences and programs. Prior to her groundbreaking research on negative mentoring, the field focused almost exclusively on the benefits of mentoring, ignoring the reality that some relationships go awry and can cause suffering for both protégés and mentors. Her conclusions have proved transformational in the field of psychology, and her recommendations for carefully designed mentoring programs are applied to help ensure high-quality workplace relationships in a variety of settings, including health care and substance abuse treatment centers. She is also recognized for her more recent contributions to the field of occupational health and the impact of large-scale organizational change on employee well-being, attitudes and behavior at work.

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Creative Research Medal 2010