Branson W. Ritchie

Branson W. RitchieInventor’s Award 2000

Branson Ritchie is internationally recognized for his contributions to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease in avian and exotic companion animal species. His two textbooks, Avian Medicine: Principles and Applications and Avian Viruses: Function and Control, are highly praised and widely used. Dr. Ritchie’s research team has developed serological tests and DNA probes for beak-and-feather disease and polyoma diseases as well as diagnostic tests for avian adenovirus. He has isolated and characterized the viruses that cause psittacine beak-and-feather disease and PVD disease. His research group has also developed a vaccine for Pacheco’s disease, Chlamydia, and polyomavirus, which causes a fatal disease in psittacine birds.

Other Award

Distinguished Research Professor 2000