Professional Education Portal

Need Help?

If you require further information or assistance regarding PEP (Professional Education Portal), please contact Edu Okpok at 706-542-0715, or via email at

The Office of Research and the Environmental Safety Division are pleased to introduce you to a revolutionary new tool to support research safety, accountability and professional development. Welcome to PEP, the Professional Education Portal!

This cutting-edge solution will support all of your research-related educational needs. From class registration and easy-to-access online training, to robust SOP/document management, PEP will connect you with the learning you need when you need it. This intuitive dashboard will link you to your Training Due and your customized transcript. Supervisors can use the MyTeam feature to view the training status of their direct reports. PEP can manage on-the-job training and offers optional badges and leaderboard features to motivate your team.

People are our greatest asset, and PEP represents a commitment to keeping UGA’s research community safe and proficient.

Here’s hoping that this new resource puts a little PEP in your step!