Sponsored Projects Administration

Training Resources

Grant- related Acronyms and Abbreviations

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Start Your Research Program

Links to OVPR resources that will help you jumpstart your research program.

General Resources for the Administration of Sponsored Projects (GRASP)

A series of classes designed to provide participants resources for the administration of sponsored projects at UGA, offered jointly by Sponsored Projects Administration, Pre and Post-Award. These classes will provide an overview of campus offices, processes, and systems, as well as reference materials, helpful web sites, and case studies.

NIH K Awards

K awards, commonly known as NIH Career Awards, are usually made to individuals through their university in order to enhance their careers as researchers.

Restricted Projects: Roles and Responsibilities

Different individuals and offices have responsibilities for different aspects of UGA’s proposal/award processes.

Sponsored Project Types

The type of project being proposed is determined by OSP and affects which submitting/award entity (UGA or UGARF) is to be used.