Sponsored Projects Administration

Office for Proposal Enhancement

The Office for Proposal Enhancement (OPE) provides technical and skilled administrative support to faculty from across campus who are developing proposals for external funding. Our goals are to facilitate proposal submission and to improve the quality of proposals.

OPE aims to help faculty:

Find Funding

  • Pivot
  • Research Announcements
  • Research Agendas

Get Expert Advice

  • Coffee with the Pros
  • Elements

Prepare Proposals

  • Complex Proposals
  • New Investigators
  • Multi-investigator Project Management
  • Proposal Graphics

Find Funding

Sign up for routine funding alerts.  OPE can help you sign up for routine funding alerts that can be customized to your specific  disciplines, as well as specific funding entities. We partner with the UGA Libraries to help investigators develop funding searches and alerts that are most helpful to them. We use Pivot, a subscription database of more than 25,000 funding opportunities from numerous sponsors. Experience shows that working with experts to specifically tailor searches and alerts makes Pivot a far more useful tool.

Find funding through OVPR’s Research Announcements. Research Announcements advertises select research opportunities as they become available. Sign up to receive Research Announcements via email or look for it on the OVPR home page (lower right quadrant).

Identify specific funding areas of interest. OPE welcomes opportunities to meet with deans, associate deans for research, department heads, or center/institute directors to identify areas of funding of interest to their specific units and enhance collaboration across campus.

Get Expert Advice

Get access to expert advice. OPE organizes a quarterly Coffee with the Pros, which features invited speakers from federal and private funding agencies, former agency program officers, and UGA faculty who have valuable knowledge to share. Attendees can hear from the experts, ask questions, and share experiences.

Find UGA collaborators. OPE can also advise faculty on the use of UGA’s new Elements database to identify specific expertise and potential collaborators across campus.

Prepare Proposals

Get assistance with the proposal narrative. OPE offers editing, proofreading, and writing coordination techniques for narrative documents only. OPE will work to clarify your writing and ensure that the proposal is fully responsive to the RFP. Requests for assistance should be made at least 8 weeks prior to the agency deadline.

Get support when submitting for the first time or to a new agency. This service is ideal for individual faculty who are new to submitting proposals, or those who are submitting to a particular agency for the first time. OPE will work with you to ensure that your proposal meets all requirements of an RFP; provide expert advice on proposal preparation and a recommended document completion timeline; and offer personal tutoring on the eResearch Portal, which UGA uses to submit and track proposals. Requests for assistance should be made least 4 weeks prior to the agency deadline, or 8 weeks prior to the deadline if requesting proofreading and editing.

Get support for multi-investigator proposals. We offer full-service coordination of your grant or contract proposal, from writing the narrative to developing the budget. This process is primarily designed for complex, multi-investigator projects. Experience shows that having several months lead time maximizes the value of OPE involvement, so prospective PIs should contact us as soon as possible.

Get assistance with proposal graphics. OPE provides assistance with proposal graphics, including but not limited to graphs, maps, charts, and informational graphics. This can be especially helpful when attempting to convey complex ideas or syntheses, or space is limited. Requests for graphics assistance should be made at least 4 weeks prior to the agency deadline.