Sponsored Projects Administration

Funding Resources

External Funding Resources

Federal, foundation, specialty funding sources, student funding sources, and searchable databases. The most efficient way to find funding opportunities is to use these resources to set up funding alerts that automatically notify you of funding opportunities in your area of interest.

Limited Submissions

Information about proposals for which the sponsor accepts only a limited number of submissions. See UGA’s internal process for selecting limited submission proposals. A list of current limited submission opportunities can be found in Research Announcements.

UGARF Competitive Internal Grants

The University of Georgia Research Foundation (UGARF) funds competitive internal grants to support initial work by early career faculty and research in new areas of endeavor. It also supports travel to foreign conferences and symposia.

Proposal Resubmission Funding

Pffoce pf Researcj partners with UGA colleges to provide small grants to investigators who narrowly miss getting their external research proposals funded.

College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Grants on the Edge

College of Engineering Awards Within Reach

Franklin College of Arts and Sciences Grants on the Edge

College of Veterinary Medicine Grants on the Edge

Funded Research Databases

Use these databases to find out what current research is being done in the field before it is published; identify what has been successfully funded; and identify researchers who may be potential coworkers, collaborators or mentors.

Industry Funding

If you are interested in finding industry funding, contact Crystal Leach csleach@uga.edu

International Funding

 A database of international funding opportunities compiled by the Office of International Education. Includes research as well as international capacity building and technical assistance opportunities of interest to UGA faculty.