Research Safety

Research Safety Committee

The Research Safety Committee (RSC) guides the development and implementation of campus-wide Environmental Health & Safety policies, programs, and services to reduce safety risks in research, teaching, and public service laboratories.  The RSC is a key element of the University’s Comprehensive Environmental Health and Safety Management System as implemented in the Academic Affairs Policies 6.01 and 6.02.

The committee works in conjunction with other institutional committees and units to establish and enact safe laboratory practices in the Chemical and Laboratory Safety Manual. In addition, the RSC provides oversight of the laboratory inspection process, reviews and recommends training programs that promote lab safety, and investigates laboratory accidents and issues of non-compliance.

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Committee Charter

Name of RSC MemberPosition Title
Robert Maier - ChairProfessor, Microbiology
Esequiel BarreraDirector, Office of Research Safety
Chris KingAssociate Vice President, Office of Research Integrity & Safety
Associate Professor, College of Veterinary Medicine
Associate Professor, College of Pharmacy
Instructional Lab Manager, College of Engineering
Associate Professor, College of Veterinary Medicine
Associate Professor, College of Public Health
Associate Dean for Research & Professor, Forestry & Natural Resources
Academic Professional, Chemistry
Professor, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Brandon FoskeySr. Safety Compliance Officer, Chemical Safety
John McCollumAssociate Vice President, Environmental Safety
Bill MegathlinInformation Services Director, Environmental Safety
Brandon JordanSr. Safety Compliance Officer, Radiation Safety

Note: Chris King, John McCollum, Bill Megathlin, and Brandon Jordan are non-voting ex-officio members.