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URGENT: Notification regarding research stores

The current COVID situation in the Southeast has affected UGA’s supplier’s ability to fill orders in a timely manner.

Vendor Communication Alert

Airgas South, the state of Georgia’s supplier for liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen and other research materials, has informed us that the current COVID situation in the Southeast has affected Airgas’ ability to fill orders in a timely manner. Recently there has been both an increase in demand for these materials and a decrease in the number of employees available to transport available gases to delivery locations. Hospitals are using higher quantities and individuals within the logistics operations are unable to work due to COVID-19 exposure.

What is the local Airgas South location doing?

Deliveries of both gases are being made this weekend, and all UGA liquid nitrogen orders should be fulfilled and up to date by Monday.

What is UGA doing?

We are actively reaching out to additional suppliers and working with the State of Georgia purchasing division to help increase supply.  

What should I do?

  1. Order needed supplies as early as possible but do not order more than you need at this time.
  2. Contact the UGA Procurement Office ( if you have placed an order and Airgas cannot fill your need in the required timeframe. Please forward or attach all communication with Airgas to your email. Procurement will expedite special approvals for all off-contract purchases.
  3. In case of emergency needs, please contact the Chemistry Stockroom, which maintains a nominal supply of liquid nitrogen stock. Again, this stock is for emergency use only.