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New Eclipse Tribrid mass spec installed at CCRC

CCRC gets a new Eclipse Tribrid mass spectrometer

The Thermo Scientific™ Eclipse Tribrid, the newest generation of Orbitrap-style mass spectrometers, has been installed at the Complex Carbohydrate Research Center’s Analytical Services and Training facility. The instrument is part of the new NSF-funded GlycoMIP-Analytical User Facility (

The CCRC’s work focuses on characterization of oligosaccharides and protein glycosylation, modifications that are extremely heterogeneous and difficult to elucidate. The instrument allows for unprecedented versatility in experimental design, allowing for experiments in glycoproteomics, protein characterization, structural biology, biopharmaceuticals, and small-molecules to be carried out by the Analytical Services group and GlycoMIP researchers with a single instrument. State-of-the-art improvements in architecture allow for enhancements to sensitivity, acquisition speed and resolution. Multiple fragmentation options (HCD, CID and ETD) as well as features for dynamic data-dependent acquisition make this instrument especially efficient for the characterization of complex solutions.

The instrument also offers the added benefit of a FAIMS Pro™ interface, allowing for online gas-phase fractionation based on differential ion mobility. Together, these will enable CCRC to provide cutting-edge technologies to both research and user projects within GlycoMIP.