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(OPEN) Limited Submission: SEC Faculty Travel Program

The SEC Faculty Travel Program aims to foster relationships that stimulate collaboration between SEC member universities.

The Office of Research appreciates that faculty travel is greatly reduced as a result of COVID-19. We are announcing a new round of funding for the SEC Faculty Travel Program in case any faculty have plans to travel to other SEC institutions and wish to apply for funding.


The SEC Faculty Travel Program was established in 2012 and aims to foster relationships that stimulate collaboration between SEC member universities relative to exchanging ideas, developing grant proposals, presenting lectures, conducting research and delivering performances. In support of the SEC Faculty Travel Program, the SEC provides up to $10,000 in travel awards to each SEC university to assist participating faculty.

SEC Guidelines and Procedures

The Southeastern Conference (SEC) Faculty Travel Program is intended to enhance faculty collaboration that stimulates scholarly initiatives between SEC universities. It gives faculty members from one SEC university the opportunity to travel to another SEC campus to exchange ideas, develop grant proposals and conduct research. The program may not be used in conjunction with outside employment. General program procedures are as follows:

  • Each SEC university will be able to access up to $10,000 per year from the SEC for faculty members participating in the travel program.
  • Travel program checks will be written from the SEC in late October or early November to the faculty member’s home institution and will be applicable to all program participants. The faculty member’s home institution is responsible for distributing the travel funds for transportation, room, board, etc.
  • The faculty member may visit any SEC institution, and consideration must be given to how many other SEC faculty will be on a particular campus that year and/or in the same timeframe. (All travel must occur between August 1, 2020, and July 31, 2021.)
  • The travel funds should be used during an appropriate period, such as a sabbatical leave, the summer, a designated university break, etc. Faculty members are responsible for arranging coverage of their duties at their home institutions.
  • The faculty member should contact a host unit (e.g., department, research center, school etc.) that he or she wishes to visit to determine that unit’s receptivity and availability. During the visit, the faculty member may consult with faculty and/or students, offer lectures, present concerts, conduct research, etc.
  • After the visit, the faculty member should submit a brief report to the university’s SEC Faculty Travel Program contact (UGA’s contact is Alex Aspley, describing outcomes of the visit. A standard form for this report is available from the university point of contact.

Please note that the SEC Faculty Travel Grant funds apply to travel expenses only (airfare, lodging, meal per diems, shuttle/taxi service, etc). Funds awarded may not necessarily cover all of the trip’s travel costs; this program is intended to lessen the financial burden associated with travel, lodging, and meals.


  • Faculty members can submit applications on their own behalf, as these funds cannot cover teams, groups, or staff working with the faculty member.
  • Travel funds may not be used for non travel-related expenses. The program is intended to lessen the financial burden associated with travel, lodging and meals.

Limitation Details

UGA typically divides this $10,000 grant amongst 4-10 recipients. To be considered for a portion of this grant, please submit an internal application according to the required internal submission instructions below. Note that faculty members can only submit applications on their own behalf, as these funds cannot cover teams, groups, or staff working with the faculty member.

Internal applications must include:

  • A cover page listing
    • Faculty member name and title
    • Contact information (mailing and email addresses)
    • The name of this funding opportunity
    • Host SEC university and unit
    • Anticipated visit dates
  • Brief summary of planned activities (no more than one page)
  • Total amount of funds requested with anticipated travel budget breakdown (limit $2,500 per application). It is recommended that interested applicants work with their business managers to create accurate budgets, utilizing per-diem rates, mileage, etc.
  • Faculty member’s biography (no more than 125 words)
  • Copy of host unit’s invitation letter to the faculty member. This letter should include a statement that includes the host institution’s visitor policy. 

Internal application submission instructions: The above internal application materials should be submitted as a single .PDF file via email to by 11:59pm on the listed internal deadline.

SEC Member Universities

  • University of Alabama – Tuscaloosa, Alabama
  • University of Arkansas – Fayetteville, Arkansas
  • Auburn University – Auburn, Alabama
  • University of Florida – Gainesville, Florida
  • University of Georgia – Athens, Georgia
  • University of Kentucky – Lexington, Kentucky
  • Louisiana State University – Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  • University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) – Oxford, Mississippi
  • Mississippi State University – Starkville, Mississippi
  • University of Missouri – Columbia, Missouri
  • University of South Carolina – Columbia, South Carolina
  • University of Tennessee – Knoxville, Tennessee
  • Texas A&M University – College Station, Texas
  • Vanderbilt University – Nashville, Tennessee

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