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Limited Submission: ARI Young Investigator Grants

Intended to encourage, and promote the early career development of clinicians and scientists in vision research and ophthalmology.


Intended to encourage, and promote the early career development of clinicians and scientists in vision research and ophthalmology. Alcon Research Institute funds a “virtual institute” that seeks outstanding contributors to ophthalmic research throughout the world and honors them both in a symposium that elite members of the eye research community attend, as well as monetarily through research grants.

Please read the full program announcement before preparing your internal application.

Award Amount

  • The maximum grant amount is $75,000. The grant will be applied to support the research program of the grant recipient at their institution
  • A maximum of no more than 10% can be taken from the grant by the institution for Indirect Costs.
  • Applicants must be devoting at least 50% of their time toward research.
  • Grant date can be no more than eight years post training


  • No requirements based on Rank/Level/Title but Applicants must not yet have attained R-level grant status or equivalent.

Limitation Details

An Institution may submit two proposals. If more than two applications are submitted, a note will be sent to the head of the department asking him/her to decide on the top two applicants.

If you are interested in submitting for this program, you must first submit an internal application to according to the required instructions below.

Internal Applications must include the following:

  • A cover page listing
    • The name of this funding opportunity and title of your proposal
    • Your name, UGA position, home department, email, and UGA contact information
    • Collaborator names, positions, and institutions (if any)
    • Indicate whether or not you have submitted to this program in the past. If so, please provide a copy of the review at the end of the internal application.
  • A (maximum two-page) proposal summary that includes specific aims, methods, clinical relevance, and projected outcome(s).
  • One paragraph describing why this proposal should be UGA’s submission (i.e., why it will be the most competitive for this program)
  • Curriculum vitae

Internal Selection

Limited Submission announcements often generate multiple competing proposals.  UGA reviewers judge proposals as they would in any peer review process, so PIs are urged to put their best foot forward.  Along with typical criteria, reviewers will evaluate internal proposals based on their fit with the sponsor’s articulated goals and criteria.

Internal Submission Instructions

The above internal application materials should be submitted via email as a single .PDF file to by the internal deadline listed above.


Please submit questions regarding the internal competition to

For questions directly related to this program, please contact

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