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Atlanta Research Data Center Project Development Grant

The purpose of the grant is to encourage the development of proposals to conduct research in the ARDC that have a strong likelihood of leading to external funding. 

The Atlanta Research Data Center (ARDC) is announcing a grant program available to full-time faculty members or researchers affiliated with Emory University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia State University, University of Georgia, University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa, Florida State University, University of Tennessee-Knoxville, Tulane University, or Vanderbilt University.

The purpose of the grant is to encourage the development of proposals to conduct research in the ARDC that have a strong likelihood of leading to external funding.

Federal Statistical RDCs provide access for approved researchers and projects to use selected non-public, government and other data under secured conditions.  Having received approval from NSF and the Census Bureau, the ARDC was established and became fully operational in Fall 2011. It is housed at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, with 24/7 access for FSRDC approved researchers/projects.

Funds available and timeframe:

This program will provide competitive grants for the maximum requested amount of $15,000 per project. A total of $30,000 has been set aside for this program during the current calendar year.  Applicants may request support through December 15, 2019 only. All funds awarded for this program must be expended before December 15, 2019.


The Principal Investigator may be a tenured, tenure-track or non-tenure-track faculty affiliated with an ARDC institution (continuing membership at least through 2020). Limited term, adjunct, and part-time faculty are not eligible to apply for these funds.

Allowable Expenses:
Awarded money may be used for the following purposes, in any combination:

  • A percentage of academic year salary towards summer salary (summer 2019 only)
  • Graduate research assistant (GRA) support
  • Other research related expenses, excluding travel

Application Instructions:

Proposals should not exceed five pages, excluding the budget, CVs and supporting letters. Please submit for review the following components:

  • Designated Cover Page: Requires signatures of the applicant, Chair, and Dean.
  • Specific Aims (Proposed research questions)
  • Research Strategy/Project Description (Significance, Innovation, Approach or Methodology)
  • Identify the data set(s) to be used and why use of confidential RDC data is required to do such research. Information about data available through the FSRDCs can be found here:
  • State whether there has been prior discussion with Census (CED) or the ARDC administrator and if an application to use RDC data has already been submitted and/or approved (having done so is viewed favorably, but not required).
  • Project timeline
  • Potential for Extramural Support (list potential sources for external funding and timeframe for submitting applications for external funding)
  • Budget and Budget Justification (not included in the 5 page limit): Proposals should include an itemized budget. Support may be requested for research related expenses; data collection; and other project related costs including, but not limited to, graduate research assistants, and a percentage (not to exceed 10%) of summer salary. Indirect costs will not be supported to collaborating institutions.
  • CVs/Biosketches (not included in the 5 page limit): Principal Investigators and Key Collaborators/Investigators.
  • Letters of cooperation/subcontracts with external partners (not included in the 5 page limit).

Review Criteria:

Proposals will be solicited and submitted for review by a committee consisting of three ARDC Review Board members, excluding members from the applicant’s institution; the ARDC Executive Director; and the ARDC Census Administrator. The criteria for evaluation will be capacity and strength of the research team, the scholarly merit of the proposed project, the feasibility of the project given the requested data, the need for non-public data, and the project’s likely success for external funding.

Further information and application format for this grant may be obtained by contacting: Julie Hotchkiss, ARDC Executive Director, Email:, Phone: 404-498-8198

Submit applications electronically to no later than 5 p.m., April 5, 2019.