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UGA Updates Research Misconduct Policy

The UGA Research Misconduct Policy, which is applicable to all individuals at UGA conducting scientific and scholarly research, was recently updated.

The UGA Research Misconduct Policy, formerly known as the Policy on Responsible Conduct in Research and Scholarship, was recently updated. The update was approved by the President’s Cabinet on February 15, 2017.

Following a periodic review, the Policy was updated to better align with the Public Health Service Policies on Research Misconduct, streamline administrative procedures, and reinforce due process. The UGA Research Misconduct Policy is applicable to all individuals at the University of Georgia engaged in scientific and scholarly research.

Dr. Christopher S. King, Associate Vice President for Research Integrity and Safety, is the Research Integrity Officer and is responsible for administering the policy. For questions about the policy update or other research misconduct matters, please contact Dr. King at 706-542-5933 or

View UGA Research Misconduct Policy.