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New working group will address research infrastructure

Watch for opportunities to contribute to the working group’s discussion of needs to support our research enterprise.

As I’ve spoken with individuals and read survey input, I note that research infrastructure concerns are uniformly on the radar of most. Research is housed under the umbrella of the Office of Academic Affairs and Provost, while facilities is housed under the Office of the President, so conversations about research infrastructure are complex and require many important perspectives.

To this end, I’m pleased to announce the launch of the FMD-Research Working Group to address these issues. The group will solicit feedback from campus; develop a list of issues and opportunities with respect to research infrastructure, brainstorm solutions and prioritize action items; consider best practices and processes for planning and repairing infrastructure, and strategize ways of improving communications (for example, FMD to PIs, FMD to research leadership, PIs to research leadership, etc.).

The group’s recommendations will be shared with me and provided to the Provost and the Vice President for Finance and Administration for consideration.

In short, the working group will be asked to offer defined ways that we, as a campus, can work collaboratively in positive, forward-thinking fashion to support research and innovation as we address our many challenges. There will be ample opportunities for input from you, the research community.

Working Group members are:

  • Rob Clark (co-lead), Director of Operations, Maintenance and Projects, Facilities Management Division
  • Michelle Momany (co-lead), Associate Dean; Professor of Fungal Biology, Franklin College of Arts and Sciences
  • Michael Bartlett, Georgia Athletic Association Professor in Pharmacy; Associate Dean for Science Education, Research and Technology, College of Pharmacy
  • Carl Bergmann, Associate Vice President for Research Facilities; Associate Director, CCRC; Executive Director, Animal Health Research Center
  • Krista Coleman-Silvers, Assistant Vice President for Facilities & Administration and Director of Space Planning and Management
  • Chas Easley, Associate Professor of Environmental Health Science; Graduate Program Coordinator, College of Public Health
  • Melanie Ford, Director of Construction, Office of University Architects for Facilities Planning
  • Sharron Quisenberry, Associate Dean for Research and Faculty and Graduate Affairs; Director of the Veterinary Medical Experiment Station, College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Bob Stougaard, Assistant Dean for Research, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

A group of individuals, with collective expertise in budget and finance, communications and marketing, and development and fund raising will serve as resource experts as necessary.

Please join me in thanking all members of the working group for their commitment of time and energy. Watch for opportunities to contribute to this important and exciting discussion.

Karen J. L. Burg
Vice President for Research
Harbor Lights Chair in Biomedical Research