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IRB Turnaround Times

Due to recent staff turnover, the turnaround times for IRB reviews are longer than usual.

Due to recent staff turnover, the turnaround times for IRB reviews are currently, unfortunately, longer than we’d like them to be. 

The current review timelines below are a general guide only. Submissions that are incomplete or do not adhere to IRB submission guidelines may require additional time. Time to final approval depends on meeting the regulatory criteria, institutional policy requirements, and cooperation of the investigator(s) in responding to the IRB’s requests for modifications promptly. Please submit early whenever possible.

In general, the submissions are reviewed in the order in which the Human Subjects Office receives them. Investigators who believe that their submission requires immediate processing should contact the IRB Office and justify and describe the specific circumstances. Funded studies and submissions to support graduate student theses and dissertations may be given priority when justification is provided.

New Study

The IRB receives approximately 80 new studies each month. Generally, studies are reviewed within four weeks of submission. The exact timing depends on whether or not there are conflicting demands and the volume of submissions.

For 2021, the average days from submission to Exempt determination is 42 calendar days. The average days from submission to approval for research eligible for Expedited review (review by one or more IRB members) is 83 days. Studies that require full board review and approval are placed on the next available agenda after the submission is determined to be complete via pre-review by IRB staff. 

Modifications and Continuing Reviews

It is our priority to facilitate ongoing research, so modifications to active studies often receive priority review. The IRB receives approximately 80 follow-on submissions each month. The average days from submission to approval follow-ons to Exempt research and Expedited research is 17 days.

The HSO has put in place several interim measures to help mitigate this problem until new staff are hired. The Office of Research understands how these extended throughput times affect your research, and we are committed to addressing the current staffing issues as quickly as possible.