Puliyur MohanKumar

Entrepreneur of the Year 2023

Photograph of Puliyur MohanKumar

Puliyur MohanKumar’s translational research, in collaboration with Sheba MohanKumar and Yen-Jun Chuang, led to five invention disclosures and multiple patent filings focused on nanoparticle technology use in clinical settings. A professor in the College of Veterinary Medicine, MohanKumar formed the company, SG Endocrine Research, with Sheba MohanKumar to pursue commercial development of this technology. Its lead product is a non-surgical spaying/neutering technology, dubbed “Gonads Be Gone,” that is administered intravenously and causes complete inactivation of the gonads in two weeks. After preclinical validation, the technology has proven 100% effective in studies done with male and female cats. Under MohanKumar’s leadership, the company is also developing nanoparticle-based technologies to facilitate non-invasive imaging of brain neurotransmitters, a prostate cancer therapy and other applications. SG Endocrine Research licensed the nanoparticle technology under the Georgia Startup License program. The company has received Phase 1 STTR funding from the National Institutes of Health and is in active discussions with potential commercial partners.