Jitendra Pant

Graduate Student Excellence-in-Research Award 2019

Jitendra Pant focused on developing and characterizing nitric oxide-releasing materials for use in biomedical and tissue engineering applications for his Ph.D. dissertation, completed in the School of Chemical, Materials and Biomedical Engineering. The biomaterials he developed have been reported to have greater than 99 percent antibacterial efficacy without harming human and mouse cells. Some of the biomedical device applications that Pant developed include instant clot wound patches, vascular catheters, device topcoats, 3D bone scaffolds and antibacterial packaging materials. He has also demonstrated the role of nitric oxide-releasing patches in preventing skin cancer and psoriasis. His research thus far has resulted in 18 publications, seven patent disclosures and multiple honors, including a TEDx talk, the Brahm Verma Award, and acknowledgement from the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. To commercialize his research, Jitendra co-founded a biomedical startup called inNOveta Biomedical with his Ph.D. mentor, Hitesh Handa.