Sungjin Kim

Postdoctoral Research Award 2018

Sungjin Kim, a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences, has reached two important conclusions about biochemical processes in cancer cells. First, he clearly demonstrated that a high-fat diet plays a critical role in the progression of prostate tumors, supporting the epidemiological evidence. Clinicians could apply this knowledge to dictate the daily consumption of fats in patients’ diet with no added risk while attenuating tumor progression. Second, he and his collaborators have identified an important chemical inhibitor that could be a potential treatment option for advanced stages of prostate cancer. His research has resulted in two publications, one in Cancer Research and the other in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, top journals in his field. He serves as first author on both papers and as co-author on two additional research papers under review or preparation. He already has a total of 18 publications in his career.