Andrew Zawacki

Portrait of Andrew ZawackiAlbert Christ-Janer Creative Research Award 2018

Andrew Zawacki, professor in the Department of English, has gained distinction as a poet, translator, editor and critic. Since joining the UGA faculty in 2005, he has produced four celebrated books of poetry, numerous chapbooks and limited-edition books, and critical essays in prestigious literary journals and a highly visible Poetry Foundation blog. He has edited and translated several volumes of contemporary French and Slovenian poetry. Awarded a National Endowment for the Arts translation fellowship, a Howard Foundation poetry fellowship, and many other honors, he has secured a reputation for his wide knowledge of European history and poetic forms. As a colleague noted, “Zawacki’s expansive interests, talents and ambitions feed and augment one another in virtuosic displays of intellect and artistry. He brings a fierce sense of history into his lyric sensibility, employing traditional forms with capacious inventiveness that leads readers into political, psychological, philosophical as well as aesthetic discovery.”