Pete Bettinger

UGA researcher standing in front of map

Creative Research MedalĀ 2016

Pete Bettinger, professor of forestry and natural resources, is known and widely respected for his extensive contributions to the development and application of forest planning and resource assessment models. These models are critically important for land management and the sustainable use of forest resources. Through his research, Bettinger has developed forest plans that mitigate risks from wind or fire damage; he has developed methods to protect wildlife habitats; and he has used his expertise to promote urban tree growth as a means to increase carbon sequestration. His research group uses advanced techniques, including global positioning systems, geographic information systems and remote sensor imagery to provide high-quality objective information necessary for advanced decision-making. Bettinger is also widely celebrated for his books, including Forest Plans of North America, Introduction to Forestry and Natural Resources, and Forest Management and Planning.