John Lynch

John LynchCreative Research Medal 2012

John Lynch, professor of music and UGA director of bands, is a leader in the field of new music for wind ensemble, a relatively new medium that began in earnest when serious composers started writing for the genre in 1950. Lynch is a staunch supporter of contemporary music and he has commissioned premiered many new works. His concert programs always include recently composed music, and his various professional recordings feature new music prominently. His latest compact disc, “Street Song,” to be released this July on the international Naxos label, gave UGA students a professional recording experience with some of the top engineers and producers in the business. The CD contains four contemporary works, two of which Lynch commissioned. Lynch is also the creator and artistic director of the “neXt festival of Contemporary Music,” which brings together new and established composers writing for wind ensemble, and he founded UGA’s “Arch Award for Contemporary Wind Compositions.”